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Radiant Communication Sdn. Bhd. is a private limited company incorporated in Malaysia since 1997. Over the years, RADIANT has now under its umbrella a group of subsidiaries and associate companies providing voice and data networks solutions, call center solutions, system and software integration inclusive of professional after-sales services and maintenance inclusive of training.

Our focus is in providing integrated environments for communication, collaboration and business applications. This includes Alcatel-Lucent enterprise collaboration solutions and Genesys Contact Center Solutions.

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Our #1 priority is you, the user. We believe in our products and services and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your business as much as you do, which is why we offer the best support around at our dedicated support center. In addition, Radiant constantly offers updates with new features requested by our users. You can count on us.

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Choosing the Right Solution for your Business

Throughout the history of our operation, RADIANT has progressively and successfully deployed solutions for our customers from various industries directly or indirectly through RADIANT reseller networks. RADIANT customer portfolio includes government sectors, education, hospitality, utilities, transportation, service providers, financial institutions and manufacturers of small, medium and large organizations in Malaysia. In addition to the large customer bases which the group is directly and loyally serving in Malaysia, its team of professionals has also been rewarded with valuable experience overseas.

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Utilities : The most recent project the team has successfully rolled out is a 60 seats implementation for Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn. Bhd., SYABAS. It is a multimedia deployment with majority of the interactions rest on voice interactions since commissioning. The contact center is blending average 5 to 6 thousand calls a day based on 24 hours operation. In addition to standard Genesys solutions, our team value adds the deployment by implementing our in-house agent and supervisor desktop, wall board and voice recording interface and rating application.

Government : Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia, SSM nationwide operation in Malaysia is supported by the full suite of Alcatel-Lucent communication infrastructure centralized at its data centre in KL Sentral, Malaysia. The environment consists of Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch at its access, distribution and core layer, across buildings and across states. Despites facilitating data transport, this IP infrastructure layer is at the same time providing transport for voice communication within HQ and across branch offices throughout the country. Thus, allowing single infrastructure to blend voice and data.

Amid the hesitation of majority of the organizations with regards to the real value of unified communication, SSM moved ahead as one of the early adopters of the new technology. As a result, the company operation has now been enjoying and benefiting from the Multi-device and Bring Your Own Device, BYOD concepts in communication and collaboration. The technology eliminates the dependency on proprietary element. It enables the company operation accessing services from devices ranging from desktop phones to smart phones. And now tablet is no longer a stranger device in this environment. The technology has also lifted the collaboration barrier between on and off site personnel by extending its boundary through coupling with the internet technology.

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Hospitality : Having to gain recognition over the years worldwide, Alcatel-Lucent Hospitality Solution continues to excel in the hotelier industry of Malaysia. Exactly the same way in a relay race, RADIANT receive the baton and put the similar solution into perspective for two of our customers, Grand Hyatt and Traders. Both are 5-star Luxury Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. By the common nature of these two hotels, Alcatel-Lucent platform serves the daily communication and collaboration among the hotel staffs and guests. The notification solution has also contributed significantly the hotel service level based on the fact that guest requests can reach instantaneously the right hotel personnel and with minimum delay. While the guest may not even realize, the effective communication during their entire stay are the hard work and intelligence of a team of dedicated and passionate engineers. They form the backbone in rolling out and maintaining the solution behind the front line, which absorbs all the complexity of the technologies and inconveniences.

Financial Institutions & Education : By the same operational expectation, the group has also advised and successfully enabled VoIP Network Infrastructure for both RHB Bank and UiTM nationwide. The critical success factors for these projects was the ability to keep the existing investment intact, lifting the technological constraint on the existing infrastructure, and yet provide the cost associated values into the operations. The projects essentially use the state-of-the-art Alcatel-Lucent IP Telephony capability allowing a mixture of multi-brand infrastructure components coexists to blend the voice communications in multi-site, multi-campus, across cities and regions. A pure creativity and proven innovative ideas of the group of expertise in the organization.

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Multi-National Corporations : Alcatel-Lucent Network Systems Malaysia has recently engaged us to take over the total maintenance of its Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX voice network recently upgraded. The set up comprises of a complete suite of applications such as Alcatel-Lucent OmniMessage, OmniTouch Call Center and OmniVista Network Management designed to enable a very sophisticated nature of work environment highly dependent on its communication network.

Our engineers gained their competitive position by consistent deliverable and personalized touch. Being at the unique position as manufacturer itself, business partner and customer, Alcatel-Lucent Network System Malaysia emphasizes the value of an accredited business partners to serve.

Solutions built on the Genesys customer experience platform help companies engage effortlessly with their customers, across all touchpoints, channels and interactions. They deliver differentiated customer journeys while maximizing revenue and loyalty. Genesys innovations give call center agents insight into the customer journey so that they can pick up where the customer left off. With Genesys, contact centers can personalize interactions and provide proactive information to head-off inbound calls and streamline the customer experience. “Click For more info….”

Professional Services.

RADIANT has progressively and successfully deployed solutions for our customers from various industries directly or indirectly through its reseller networks. Its customer portfolio includes government sectors, education, hospitality, utilities, transportation, service providers, financial institutions and manufacturers of small, medium and large organizations in Malaysia. In addition to the large customer bases which the group is directly and loyally serving in Malaysia, its team of professionals has also been rewarded with valuable experience overseas

Project Management. Coordinate and provide effective focal point to customer during project implementation , installation and commissioning. Schedule according to tasks defined. Define contingency plan. Drive the project schedule according to the time plan and budget.

Data Collection.Development & Integration. Routing, voice application and business application development shall be carried out in accordance to data collection. This would enable client business processes to be incoroperated for the call center operations. This task may involve integrated or industry standard development tool

System Analysis. Conduct workshops among technical professionals from existing vendors and customers to derive the API/SDK and its corresponding integration technology.

Installation & Configuration. The solution shall be installed and configured according to approved implementation design. The scope shall cover both the hardware and software components

Data Collection. Workshop is the avenue to gather stakeholders to derive the implementation environment and expectation.

Production. The designed solution would subject to actual interaction traffic and workflow. The production phase shall be under monitoring by the on-site professionals for a period of time.

Documentation. Blueprint of the solution implemented shall be in place to facilitate efficient maintenance operation and change management. In addition, all the relevant documents require for the project roll out have also been accounted herein this section

Fine Tuning & Optimization. The on-site professionals would perform analysis based on interaction data captured. Subject to customer approval, optimization shall be carried out

Commissioning. Customers and the project implementation team shall verify the interaction flow in accordance to implementation design specification.

Delivering Our Customers a Consistent and Personalized Experience

Our custom solutions are loaded with useful features, each one with its own specialized purpose. We listen to our customers and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis. Our systems are not only built by us, but also by our customers.


Web Based Aplications

Easy-to-use HTML5-based agent workspace application for faster case resolution messaging and screen pops deliver data and context with the interaction to reduce customer frustration and improve efficiency

Advanced Wallboards

We include an extremely advanced Wallboards solution allowing customers to quickly and easily customize and display Real-time and historical metrics. These options are intuitive and powerful with an unlimited number of wallboards

Powerful Statistics Engine

Real-Time Metrics Engine tracks information about customer interaction networks (contact center,enterprise-wide, multi-enterprise telephony, and computer networks), tracking voice and multimedia interactions, agent and person workload, group performance, and directory numbers (DN) usage and converts such data into a variety of statistics. This enables organizations to maximize the efficiency and flexibility of customer interaction networks.

Role Based User Interface

Our platform supports a role-based user interface that enables skill-appropriate usability, security, and accuracy. Using privacy and security filters, the software understands the role of each user and generates a custom interface with role-relevant tasks, worksheets and metrics. It is easy to use, with intuitive navigation, graphics, and content to encourage quick user adoption.

Full CRM Intergration

Our Platform is fully CRM intergrated, giving your staff a full view all of your prospect activity from within your CRM. leads and contacts can be synced bi-directionally to keep all segments current, opportunity values can be pulled down for reporting purposes, and leads can be assigned to salesforce with ease.

High Availability service

Today’s businesses demand 24×365 availability of information in order to make smart decisions, There’s no tolerance for downtime. To meet these demands, our systems providing near-continuous availability of information through both planned and unplanned events with our High Availability services

Multi-lingual interface

Our Multilingual User Interface enables the localization of user interfaces for globalized applications. We also support the creation of resources for any number of user interface languages, so you can rest assured that our systems are customizable to your local needs

Advanced Deployment Options

You can deploy our solutions in various scenarios that provide a maximum level of security for your network environment and corporate data.With our advanced deployment options, you can easily meet your current and future data protection and service requirements. You can expand your infrastructure horizontally in a matter of minutes to match the amount of throughput you want to process.

Advanced Management Options

Complete end-to-end reporting and comprehensive metrics for better contact center insights through our Easy-to-use HTML5-based supervisor workspace application which simplifies agent management, Call monitoring, agent coaching and barge-in for workforce optimization

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Scale up to 1,000 seats

  • Pre-integrated hardware appliances for on-premises deployments

  • Hybrid deployment Options:

  • Multi-Channel Interaction Management

  • Inbound and Outbound Voice, Email,Chat, SMS, Social

  • Mobile app integration and services

  • Inbound/Outbound/Multi-Channel – Voice, SMS, Email

  • Personalized IVR experience

  • Integrated analytics

  • Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech

  • Routing using full context
    (interaction, customer, workforce)

  • Skills-based routing with proficiency

  • Last Agent Routing

  • Web Callback

  • Campaign optimization

  • Preview and predictive dialer

  • Workforce Management

  • Coaching

  • Call Recording with Screen Capture

  • Scalable to 100,000+ simultaneous calls

  • Integration with third party unified communications

  • Enterprise worker presence,
    availability and interaction routing across enterprise, branches and remote locations

  • Speech Analytics

  • Text Analytics

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